Dr. Peter R. Rothschild on The Dramatic Health Benefits of Probiotics

Peter R. Rothschild, M.D., born December 11, 1929 in Palenque Chis, Mexico dedicated his entire life to the medical health profession, internationally.  Over the span of his life's work, Dr. Rothschild was a Physician/Surgeon, a Professor of Immunology, a Professor of Medical Science and Biology, a researcher in Biochemistry, an author of many scientific books and articles, a lecturer on many topics: including New Aspects of Oncology, New Aspects in AIDS Research with Cytoplasmatic Theraphy, Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy, and Quantum Physics and Health.

Among Dr. Rothschild's greatest works is the extensive research he conducted on the benefits of microorganisms on health and life extension.  Dr. Rothschild believed that the symbiotically blended SBO Probiotics Consortia would be the future of modern science.

Within these pages, you will have an opportunity to gain a greater under-standing of Probiotics and the profound impact these mighty micro-organisms can have on the human body.

Collective Writings on SBO Probiotics Consortia



Peter R. Rothschild, M.D., Ph. D.