SBO Probiotics ConsortiaDefinition- Colony arrays consisting of friendly bacterial organisms which are extracted from the soil. As a Probiotic Consortia, these organisms have co-existed in a symbiotic relationship over a span of time in their natural food source, learning to survive and thrive in the same environment.

Five Main Functions of SBO Probiotics Consortia When Taken Orally:
1.    Once SBO Probiotics Consortia have settled its colonies along the digestive tract, it will help eliminate all accumulated putrefaction. Putrefaction can be referred to as castings, molds, or leathering. SBO Probiotics Consortia have the ability to get in behind this leathering and devour it away from the intestinal walls. When it breaks leathering away, it is flushed out of the body by normal eliminative processes.

2.    SBO Probiotics Consortia have the ability to break down hydrocarbons. This unique ability of the SBOs helps to breakdown all foods into their most base elements, allowing greater absorption through the digestive system, thereby enhancing overall nutrition.

3.    SBO Probiotics Consortia produces particular proteins which act as antigens and, in turn, stimulate the immune system to fabricate antibodies. This enhances the immune response of the somatic cells, reinforcing the defensive power of the organism against pathogenic factors and obtaining favorable therapeutic results.

4.    SBO Probiotics Consortia is aggressive against pathological molds, yeast, fungus, and viruses. In other words, SBO Probiotics Consortia can ingest antigens such as Candida albicans, Candida parasylois, penicillin frequency, penicillin natum, muco rasmosue and Aspergillus Niger. SBO Probiotics Consortia, by eliminating pathogenic entities, ends up buttressing the immune system, thereby allowing the auto immune system a state of reprieve.

5.    SBO Probiotics Consortia works in a symbiotic relation to somatic cells. SBO Probiotics Consortia metabolizes proteins and helps evacuate toxic waste from somatic cells, thereby enhancing cellular function. 

Probiotic Consortia