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A simple, yet amazingly effective way to improve your quality of life and to even slow down some of the most relentless aging mechanisms.                                                                                                                                    ​Peter R. Rothschild, M.D., P.H.D.


Human society is inordinately complacent about its scientific and technological progress.  We proudly speak of our advanced civilization.  I can't say that I would always agree.  For example, I am somewhat reluctant to qualify the design of an electric can opener or an automatic soft drink dispenser as a sign of the great cultural achievement.  Then, to explain why these things don't work properly, we have invented the specialists.  The way I see it, a specialist is a guy who doesn't know anything else.

This is particularly true in the medical field.  My grandpa used to say that the only reason why the doctors invented all those complicated words is that they don’t want the world to know how easily things can be explained.  Now, mind you, I am a medical doctor and I shall prove to you that anything can be explained in simple, clear cut words.    

In this issue of our newsletter, you shall read about the many all-embracing and remarkable benefits that can be achieved through Soil-Based Organisms (SBOs).  These benefits range from age retarding through all-embracing improvements of our quality of life.  And, as you will see, all will be explained in an uncomplicated, easy-to-understand fashion.    

But first, allow me to discuss a few points.  We are persistently flooded with unsolicited information about every imaginable topic from discoveries in deep space to shampoos that prevent hair-loss, to the cloning of living beings.  Needless to say that due to the relentlessly growing health problems that many of us face, our interest in information related to our physical condition comes evermore to the forefront.  In consequence, we are constantly exposed to new words and ideas.  Some of these eventually even turned into so-called household words.    

As an example, let’s take the term “antigen”.  Most of us have heard about antigens, but relatively only very few understand what it means, let alone what it entails.  To explain it in simple words, an antigen is any compound that, in one way or another, triggers undesirable – anti-physiological – reactions in a living body.  Here I may add, that structurally, most of all existing antigens – be these germs, viruses or fungi – are protein-based.  We are also taught that our body’s immune system – another recent household word – is programmed to cope with these antigen challenges.  That is, our immune system is equipped with appropriate sensors that detect the presence of such antigens in our body and sound the alarm so a fitting immune response can timely be triggered to fight against the detected antigen.    

Well, so far so good.  We don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the concept.  But now let me throw a monkey wrench into this beautiful explanation.  It is a well-known fact that we do need lots of proteins in our daily nourishment.  But if most antigens are made of proteins, please try to explain by what means our body is able to distinguish between a colony of deadly germs that are merrily cruising through our gut and a succulent piece of steak (full of wonderful nutritious proteins!!), which is in transit along the same route for digestion??  In other words, how can the body know that the steak is not an antigen, so it is not necessary to alert the immune system?    

This feat of unmistakable discrimination is accomplished by one of the components of our anatomy called GALT.  I promised to explain everything in most simple terms, so please don’t throw up your hands is despair because this is precisely what I am doing.  As Americans, we were trained to love acronyms.  GALT stands for Guts Associated Lymphoid Tissue.  This tissue is embedded along the entire tract of our small intestine.  This implies that the stool that contains the food we have swallowed and is being digested, during its transit rubs continuously against the GALT.  Its cells are programmed to recognize which components are friendly and which ingredients consist of antigens that require an immediate alert of the immune system.    

One of the problems we face consists in the fact that, due to the many unhealthy foods we ingest, the surface of our GALT becomes progressively covered with an ever more dense crust that effectively bars the tissue from being in physical contact with the stool and so hampers its discriminatory abilities to an extent at which it becomes more and more disabled to distinguish between friend and foe.  That’s when we face situations that our body is unable to handle, which is where products like Nature’s Biotics enter the stage.    

As you can appreciate, it is truly amazing how simply and clearly such bewildering phenomena can be explained.  However, before we go any further, we’ll have to review a few basic principles that you should be aware of.    

The legendary French-Swiss philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau said once in an endeavor of justifying the French Revolution – the very social upheaval that he himself has authored both spiritually and executively – “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come…..”    

He was right, of course.  A brief glance over the history of the past two and a half centuries will prove this proposition beyond any question.  If we analyze events in hindsight, it is almost uncanny to observe how humanity’s best ideas only surface when they are most needed.  Apparently, man is specially equipped to generate ideas that enable him to rise to vital challenges and resolve crises at the rate they occur.    

Peter Smith – a remarkable American researcher specializing in biotechnological research, who is also the creator of the Soil-Based-Organism (SBO) Probiotics Consortia related supplement know as Earth Flora, offers powerful evidence of the soundness this claim stands for.    

The necessity of appropriate healthcare improvement turned in this century into an alarmingly growing urgency.  While it is undeniable that in the past four or five decades, chemical and medical technology has responded brilliantly to hundreds of challenges, it is not less evident that, for reasons unrelated to the purpose of this essay, conventional medicine is painfully unable to fulfill all of the commitments imposed on it by the incessant increasing problems unleashed by our relentlessly growing human society.    

Here I hasten to explain that this does not necessarily imply that the conventional healthcare Establishment is incompetent in all aspects.  What it rather means, is that the fiercely escalating complexity of our civilization requires that the burden should be shared by all of us.  In other words, the time has come when each of us must carry our own allotment of responsibility for maintaining not only our own health, but also that of our beloved ones.    

The actual human body is a wonderful biological machine that is “equipped” to function – to live, that is – more or less free of trouble for about 120 year.  The most impressive proof of this thesis was offered by the relatively new science of paleopathology – which studies diseases that are still discernible in ancient fossils – that revealed that even at the dawn of human history, when the average lifespan of our ancestors was under 30 years, there unaccountably always existed a minute percentage of spontaneously long-living individuals, who lived to the astounding ages of up to 120 years.  Amazingly, the percentage of their rate of occurrence remained stable to this date, regardless of the much shorter life expectancy of their contemporaries.  In simple words, to this day about three individuals out of every ten thousand live to ages well beyond 100 years, assisted neither by regular medicines, nor by extraordinary rejuvenation treatments, let alone the unhealthy environments and epidemics amidst they live, which have relentlessly decimated their peers throughout the ages.    

Life is a Godsend gift.  In fact, no one else but God can give life to anything.  Health, on the other hand, is Man’s art applied to preserve Life.  These are irrefutable facts.  You can challenge them as often, in as many ways as you wish.  They can never be defeated.    

Our psychological design is a splendid thing that endows us with many wonderful defense mechanisms.  One of these keeps our conscious mind effectively anesthetized; lending us a false sense of security that keeps us convinced that nothing really terrible can ever happen to us.  For most of us, it is hard be believe that we could actually find ourselves in the middle of an earthquake, or under a collapsing bridge, until it actually happens.  Indeed, one out of every five Americans dies of cancer, but one surely counts him or herself to those who are to be spared.  These subconscious assurances keep us reasonably happy, until……

Until we perceive the first symptom of something we have latently feared all the time.  Or, until we discover the first signs that tell us in no uncertain terms that we are getting old.  In other words, we irresistibly tend to believe that we are an exception, until we discover that we do not have any real protection against those calamities, which we feared all along.  It is then, when we become anxious for new information that would ascertain the existence of effective solutions that offer renewed hopes that will lull us into a fitful, alleged sense of security.  Alas, most of these practices miserably fail to deliver what is expected from them, and our anxiety intensifies with each new failure in conquering our ailments.    

Curiously, the higher the anxiety generated by such failures becomes, instead of wizening us, the more it tends to make us gullible.  On the other hand, the designers of clever schemes are always careful to mix just the right amount of reality into the myth they market, so at least a few of their rhetorical statements will be borne out by official consensus.  Our gullibility will do the rest.  This means that our health will continue to deteriorate, regardless of the miracle-of-the-month which we have been offered by mail, presented in exciting gaudy brochures that put Dali’s creativity to shame.    

The insurance industry is understandably dependent on statistics.  Thus, both our average lifespan and the principal causes of premature death are being continuously studied and monitored with greatest care.  Nevertheless, none of the statisticians has ever spelled out the paramount cause of death among the human population.  The ultimate cause of untimely death is ignorance.  The answer to the dilemma rests on appropriate information.  This is precisely what we are offering in this essay.  It is paramount to learn how to separate the authentic preparations and methods from the cleverly promoted snake oil fabrications.    

To determine what genuine certainty is, let us examine a few components of reality, then toss around a few concepts, and see what we can come up with.  We propose to combine some new ideas, a few different kinds of solutions, or maybe, why not, even cast our own brand of natural miracles.    

In the 19th century, the great French scientist, Louis Pasteur, offered the world the wisdom that most diseases were caused by harmful microbes.  In the wake of his discoveries – dated over a century ago – research and development in conventional medicine is focused on the theory that almost every kind of pathology is brought on by germs, viruses, fungi and macroscopic parasites.  Thus, so the theory goes, to fight diseases, the onslaught of such invading germs must be terminated with exogenous – external – help.  So, in order to destroy such microorganisms the pharmaceutical research was – and it – developing ever more potent medicines.    

While these compounds did indeed succeed in eliminating many forms of infections, their increasingly toxic effects revealed that this theory has many irrevocable deficiencies.  To make things worse, in addition to their toxic effects antibiotics and sulfas also inhibit and eventually weaken all mechanisms of our immune system.  Consequently, many liberal minded researchers are finally challenging the theory and seek alternative solutions to the problems.    

In due time two schools of therapeutic concepts emerged. Orthodox medicine and its exponents have completely accepted the germ proposition. That is, germs, viruses, and fungi bring on most diseases, thus somehow these must to be obliterated. They assert that this goal can best be achieved through the use of potent antibiotics and other specific chemicals.    

Needless to say, the pharmaceutical industry does most enthusiastically endorse this theory and supports all research leading to the development of such preparations. Considering that there are factually billions of different harmful microorganisms, it is obvious that an endless stream of preparations must be developed in order to fight all of these. This, obviously, generates many billions of dollars in yearly profits not only by manufacturing such products, but also through research and development of the same.    

The second school of thought rejects categorically the use of evermore-toxic drugs to destroy microbes and assumes that these are the sole cause of disease. Our environment literally teems with billions of microorganisms, most of which are harmful. They thrive almost unchallenged in our air, water, and even in our living tissues.    

Yet, thanks to the intricate and powerful design of our immune system, we are not only able to survive, but judging by the global demographic explosion of the world population, we are actually thriving amidst such a continuous onslaught. It is our proficient immune response that maintains us alive.    

The immune system operating in a healthy human body is perfectly capable of destroying injurious microorganisms, while leaving all benign and useful species undamaged. Thus, illness ensues when our immune system becomes defective and is unable to generate an appropriate immune response.    

This also reveals why not everyone exposed to the assault of a given germ; virus or fungus does succumb to its harmful effects. That is, their vigilant immune system is fully operational. Thus, the disciples of the second school of thought support the idea of continuously servicing and repairing the immune system by natural, non-toxic, means that enhance our body’s inborn self-healing abilities.    

It is quite obvious- to say the least- that the pharmaceutical industry does not quite encourage the spreading of such ideas, for there is little profit to be generated by promoting natural means of health maintenance and repair systems, or by teaching healthy lifestyles. This explains why the industry of conventional medicine frowns on alternative therapeutic methods, purporting that it is quackery. Nonetheless, recent developments are proving them evermore wrong.    

During the past decades we have witnessed the indisputable repercussion and fiasco of antibiotics, which instead of delivering lasting solutions turned into a veritable threat. In consequence to the aggression of evermore-potent antibiotics, manifold strains of germs have mutated and acquired effective resistance to the medications developed against them.    

While it is true that our scientific progress allows us to moderately prolong the life expectancy of some cancer patients, it is an undeniable fact that we are completely unable to moderate the incidence; this is the frequency of cancer cases. A mere 25 years ago, approximately 20% of the population, meaning one individual of every five, in the USA died of cancer. This percentage is slowly but relentlessly increasing. At present, the encroachment of cancer incidence has reached 21.3%. Let alone that only a very few of those fortunate whose life was “saved”, go into a stable full remission. The overwhelming majority, approximately 92%, of those whose demise was successfully deferred, discover to their horror, that all they have achieved is the prolongation of their atrocious agony.    

The appalling corollary to this is the unquestionable fact that such inexorable extension of torment and almost unbearable chagrin to the next of kin, balloons most effectively the profit balances of the Pharmaceutical Establishment- encompassing the hospital, insurance, and related hardware industries as well, to unprecedented heights.    

The reason why we qualify this as appalling, is based on the daunting fact that if, figuratively speaking of course, the medical profession would suddenly subscribe to the merciful practice of allowing those who are singled out by fate to die when all reasonable efforts fail, to depart in comfort but in their own time, the annual profits and income of a startling huge percentage of the industry in all developed countries, would suddenly diminish to a shocking extent. In other words, with the purpose of maintaining their billing at a pleasantly steady rise, a growing number of millions are condemned to see their atrocious agony prolonged, albeit all this in the time proven name of humanitarian ideals.    

Why do the incidence of heart attacks and other vascular accidents climb at an alarming rate, in spite of the well-intentioned efforts of both the Establishments and the authorities? Why do we have a menacingly increasing number of diabetics, regardless of our greatly improved knowledge of both, the circumstances and the organs involved in the aliment?    

The list of whys are endless. Albeit, even more alarming is that apparently nobody is posing these questions. The most perplexing of these is why do perfectly rational individuals happily perform habitual self-destructive deeds and subscribe with dalliance and abandon to lifestyles that bring relentless suffering and premature death upon themselves? The answer to these questions also offers the solution to a gallery of problems that haunt our life and happiness.    

In fact, whichever pathology- disease- we are facing, except traumas or other conditions, which clearly can only be assisted by surgery, the only obvious and feasible solutions are those that endeavor repair, modulation, and regulation of the immune system.    

Until quite recently, the very idea of finding substances capable of achieving such goals evoked a storm of indignant and scornful objections from the Establishment. However, fortunately times do change, and nowadays this very notion is preponderantly at the forefront of the interests of both conventional and naturopathic practitioners. The development of means for the enhancement of our immune responses eventually did turn into a paramount priority.    

Regrettably, as I have already emphasized, we Americans are irrepressibly prone to the enthusiasts of fads. Deplorably, most of these, we may add, do only conjure illusions. Yet, once in a while we do learn about a preparation, which truly deserves our attention. EARTH FLORA happens to be such a preparation.    

This brings us back to the main subject of this essay.    

As I have already mentioned, it was the American researcher Peter Smith who developed the original idea of taking advantage of the biochemical properties of several substance released by a high precision bred Soil Based Organisms
(SBOs) Probiotics Corsortia. It was not until American manufacturer Life Science Products, Inc. began pioneering the news in 1995 about the critical importance of this SBO Probiotics Corsortia formula in our daily lives; that the development of Smith’s formula came to the attention of the American consumer, as well as, the food industry and mainstream Medical researchers.  At present, Life Science Products, the exclusive distributors of Nature’s Biotics, is running several clinical studies based on Nature’s Biotics, which reveal that the preparation is probably one of the most powerful, known natural immune modulators for the human organism available without prescription. Moreover, Nature’s Biotics is absolutely free of toxicity and of any side effects. Now let us see what makes it work.


Have you ever been startled by the discovery that hard facts do not agree with your beliefs? How do you react when you ascertain that many apparently simple things you’ve been taught as concrete facts, do not match reality?    

Do you just shake your head in disbelief and censure? Or, do you go out of your way in order to unravel the truth about things? Because this is precisely what we are about to do. Together we shall attempt to unravel and explain a few inconsistencies so we can comprehend without too much ado how our body’s defense mechanisms operate.    

Let us begin with one of the most obvious contradictions, which we have faced since our early high school days, we were that our bodies are built of cells and we were given a somewhat foggy explanation about how these cells work. We were also told that each of the trillions of our cells contained in an adult human body is equipped with rather competent self repair mechanisms. This, by common sense, seems to imply that each of our cells is fitted with the necessary means to repair -short of massive destructive ravages- any damages it may suffer. Nevertheless, we know for a fact that unrepaired damages indeed do occur, because the very notion of a disease- regardless of the organs that are afflicted- implies that the cells involved in the illness remain unrepaired. So, how can this happen? Weren’t we told that all the cells are rigged for competent self repair?    

The explanation to this apparent contradiction is quite simple: regrettably, the self repair mechanisms of the cells are not invulnerable, but also prone to malfunction. When this occurs, the cell is unable to restore itself to good condition. The ailing cells are disabled to carry out their normal functions. Sickness sets in. On the other hand, it is obvious that, since everybody becomes sick, our organism is originally endowed with appropriate and multiple lines of defense, which are supposed to protect the cells from becoming victims of influences that could overwhelm their self repair mechanisms.    

Nature answered the challenge with the development of our immune system, a sophisticated array of complex biological first, and second and third line defenses. Let us examine them here however briefly, so you can grasp the fundamental ideas of the immune system. Of course I assume that if you are reading this newsletter, you must be interested in these issues. So please bear with me. I really want to make sure that understand everything easily and clearly. First I shall list the individual organs and then, true to my promise, I shall explain the functions of each in extremely simple terms.    

ANATOMY: The Immune System is chiefly orchestrated by the thymus, the bone marrow, the spleen, lymphatic glands, the tonsils, the appendix, the Peyer’s Patches, which as I’ve already mentioned are part of the GALT and some of the blood components.    

The thymus is a prominent gland located on top of the heart, at the base of our neck. At birth the thymus plays a paramount dual role: it secretes essential components for the growth hormones and initializes an important sector of the immune system. Beginning during puberty, the growth hormone producing fraction gradually shrinks, until, by the time adult maturity is reached, only the immune related portion of the gland remains intact. From then on, the gland consists mainly of lympho-blastoid cells, which are the cradles of the T-lymphocytes, which we shall examine shortly.    

During the early human embryonic stages, red blood cells form provisionally outside the fetus, in a pouch called the viteline sac. Beginning the second quarter of the pregnancy, the main source of red blood cells, also called erythrocytes- also the liver; spleen and lymphatic ganglions contribute considerably to the red blood supply. During the last quarter of the gestational period and after delivery, the bone marrow is already in charge of the main bulk of the production. It is also important to know, that the bone marrow produces certain large white blood cells- also known as macrophages, which are called reticular cells. Their chief function is to devour invading microorganisms. Thus, these reticular cells assist the elimination of waste and undesirable bacteria from the blood stream.    

The spleen is an organ located on out left side just above our hip and encompasses part of the space between the lowest part of the stomach and the diaphragm. Two of the most important tasks of the spleen consist in eliminating all ailing or aging, non-functional red blood cells and in processing the thus liberating hemoglobin, which is the main tool that allows us to breath. These chores are carried out through a complex enzyme system. Also some lymphocytes, which we shall learn about shortly, are involved to eliminate the waste produced during the breakdown process.     

The lymphatic ganglions, also known as nodes are multiple, small filtering devices located along the entire lymphatic network. Their purpose is to purify the lymph- a clear, lymphocyte and enzyme rich aqueous liquid that circulates through extremely narrow tubes called capillary vessels, all over the lymphatic network- before penetrating the blood stream through one of the large veins, called the vena cava superior, that carries the used up blood to the heart.    

Lymphocytes represent a very important variety of white blood cells also known as leucocytes. Large crowds of these can also be found in other lymphatic tissues, such as in the Peyer Patches, remember these are GALT components- in the tonsils and the appendix. These tissues contain both, thymus dependent T-lymphocytes and bone marrow-dependent B-lymphocytes. The fuzzy intestinal lining known as Villi and the cells of all other the mucous tissue also contain a host of lymphocytes. As we shall see shortly, this is one of sites at which Nature’s Biotics produces, among several others, major benefits (More about this later). The mucous related lymphoid tissues are located in the respiratory system, in the intestines and in the urinary system.    

I have just explained that lymphocytes are a variety of white blood cells. Here you should know that there are two types of lymphocytes: the T-cells, suggesting that they derive from the thymus gland and the B-cells implying that these stem from the bone marrow. The T-lymphocytes act as macrophages whose main characteristic I’ve already described. The B-lymphocytes are a true marvel of creation. They are genuine microscopic, roaming factories. Both lymphocytes circulate in three manners. A) Dispersed by matrix cells in the fetal liver and later by the bone marrow; these become eventually singled out- called “differentiated” in the technical jargon- and eventually incorporated into the peripheral lymphoid system; B) through blood-lymph-blood re-circulation; C) by specially targeted deployment of large T-lymphocytes, also known as effectors or natural killer cells (NKs) to given parts of the body where they are required.     

DYNAMICS: The first line of defense an organism activates against germs and viruses consists of phagocytes- one of the larger white cell types- that virtually devour unwanted foreign protean, meaning protein-form assailants. A typical example is when the skin is wounded. Entire legions of these white predator cells appear on the scene and virtually consume the invaders one by one. That is, these cells are able to query all circulating protein structures whether they are friend or foe, and any that cannot be identified as pertaining to the body, are being eliminated. Phagocytes never stop eating. They virtually gorge themselves to death. When, transported by the lymphatic capillary network, they amass in or on any site of the body, forming purulent aggregate called pus. Notwithstanding their paramount importance, phagocytes represent on the most elementary fractions of the complete immune system.    

All warm blooded animals- to which we humans also belong, developed a simultaneous, more important second line of defense, distinguished by its potential to identify individual varieties of invaders (as compared to phagocytes which globally ravish everything that does not respond to the challenge of their biochemical friend-or-foe transponders). These biochemical high precision tuned entities are able to stage uncannily effective, specifically oriented chemical counter-attacks. The functional units that integrate this sector of the immune system represent the community of the B-lymphocytes, or simply B-cells. This variety of white blood cells roam along the vascular system, before eventually nestling in the spleen, in the tonsils, in the adenoids and in the appendix, where they remain latent until they become exposed to any of the enormous, possible varieties of foreign antigens, which can consist of germs, viruses, certain forms of yeast, and both home-grown or foreign toxins, as well as of the body’s own, non-eliminated organic waste.    

As we have seen earlier, these B-lymphocytes originate in the bone marrow – hence the “B” denomination – and, as I’ve already mentioned, constitute veritable micro-factories that produce unending streams of chemically programmable protean structures called antibodies, which turned lately into another household term among the health fans.  These – also known as immunoglobulin – are designed to destroy specific antigens that we have just listed above – against which they were specifically “programmed” through biochemical sympathy.  When the immune system is fully functional, these ever-alert immune alarm mechanisms are triggered by exposure to any antigen.    

Antibodies can inactivate an invading antigen in several forms: A) By AGGLUTINATION, that refers to an action which makes numerous antibodies join to form an aggregate.  B) By PRECIPITATION, in whose course the antigen/antibody complex becomes insoluble and precipitates, meaning it cannot be dissolved in a liquid and sinks to the bottom.  C) By NEUTRALIZATION, which makes the antibodies virtually cover the toxic sites on the surface of the antigen.  D) By LYSIS, during which more reactive antibodies are enable to damage the cell membranes of the invading antigens.    

One of the great benefits of an
SBO Probiotics Corsortia consists precisely in that their specially processed components enhance all these natural functions of our immune system.  A great part of the antibodies’ efficacy roots in their capability of creating nine possible enzyme precursors – designated as C1 to C9 – which are normally present in the blood plasma and in other inactive body fluids as well.  When an antibody – Ab - combines with an antigen – Ag - the combination identified as Ab/Ag turns into a unit called “complement system activator”.    

A cascade of reactions always follows the activation of any such complement.  Thus, generally a few Ab/Ag combinations suffice to conjure a large number of enzyme precursor – called enzymogen – molecules, which will eventually activate massive numbers of operative enzymes.    

For those who are truly interested, I will list and explain here the most important effects brought about by the varied antibody performance:  Those of you who are only paying attention to bottom-line information can skip this part and proceed to the following chapter.

1)     LYSIS OF PROTEINS (known as proteolysis): in which the complement’s enzymes break down – virtually digest – portions of the cell membrane of bacteria and of other invading cells.  2) OPSONIZATION: This is another unfriendly technical term, which is easy to understand when you know that it refers to a process in which the complement’s enzymes assault the bacterial and other antigen’s surfaces, rendering these particularly susceptible to phagocytosis – to be devoured – by macrophages.  3) QUIMIOTAXIS: Here we go again with the scientific nonsense.  This twenty dollar word indentifies a process in which one or more components of the complement practically summon the macrophages.  4) AGGLUTINATION: the meaning I have already explained.  5) NEUTRALIZATION OF VIRUSES: in whose course the complement’s enzymes cause a molecular breakdown of the virus, thus suppress its virulence.  6)  INFLAMMATION: the complement generates a local inflammatory process causing a local extreme dilation of blood vessels called hyperemia, tissue protein clotting known as coagulation, which physically blocks the transit of the antigen through the healthy tissues.

Here is it necessary to explain a few effects that can be brought on by some of the immune processes, which, by and large, are known as “allergic symptoms”.  When an Ag reacts with an Ab attached to the assailed cell, the latter will immediately swell and rupture and release several factors that affect their surrounding environment.  Some of such reactions can produce quite severe consequences.

Another type of lymphocyte is known as the T-cell, whose production line is hosted by the lymphoblastoid cradle cells, which operate conforming to an entirely different set of wide-range criteria and represent a vigorous third-line in our immune response.

Some of these T-cells are known as T-helper cells because they are geared to liberate and important substance called lymphokines, which are critically necessary for antibody production.  Other T-lymphocytes are called NKs or natural killer cells, which I have already mentioned.  These earned the name because they can attack and kill live antigens with a self-produced substance called interferon that proves lethal for these.

Then there are suppresser T-cells.  These are extremely important for their task consists in preventing the destruction of healthy tissues of the organism by its own antibodies.  Another important responsibility of these cells consists in inhibiting the antibody production when these are no longer required. When this mechanism malfunctions, that is, the suppresser T-cells do not turn off the unnecessary antibody production, a steady flow off target-less antibodies will ensue, which will become deprogrammed and a self-aggressive immune disease will develop.  Most of these – such as many forms of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS CGS and others – are of degenerative nature.

A catalyst is a chemical mediator substance whose mere presence will trigger certain chemical reaction.  The catalysts that trigger our immune responses are being released by the T-cells and other types of macrophages.  These catalysts include histamines which dilate the blood vessels preparing thus free passage for the arriving legions of defending lymphocytes.  Also, this substance is made of a protean compound which, thanks to the inflammation they cause in the affected area, creates a hostile thermic environment for the invading foreign bodies.

In addition, further important substances – such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes and interferons – are being produced, which are in charge of orchestrating the activities of T-cells and macrophages.  As a matter of fact, it is precisely this complex arrangement that endows the immune system with its prodigious flexibility that is so essential for enabling it to react to any crisis at an instant’s notice.  An accomplished immune system must efficiently – that is both tactically and strategically – respond to aggressions of unaccountable microorganisms that incessantly ravish our body.

To avoid burdening you with information that is not relevant to the purposes of this essay, of the above referred to array of substances it will suffice to examine and explain only one particular compound known as interferon alpha (IFNa).

Alpha Interferon, IFNa, is a protein-form (protean) molecule classified by the technical jargon as a polypeptide, which represents an extraordinary component of our immune system.  IFNa is the virtual ammunition of all types of T-lymphocytes, which uses it for multiple defense purposes with particular emphasis against viruses.  IFNa was discovered in 1956 and was shortly thereafter identified as one of the key enhancers (modulators) of the entire immune system.

However, as we have pointed out earlier, even this marvelous set of biological defense network is vulnerable to punishments inflicted on its components by exposure to toxic habits, polluted ambience and inappropriate nutrition by stress and even by the biological processes of natural aging.  Thus, at given moments, the entire immune system can become prone to malfunction.  When this occurs, the overall immune response begins to fail, not only through omission, such as in chronic infections that can range from bronchitis, or hepatitis-B to AIDS, but also by commission – that is, by active self-aggressions against certain tissues of the body – which can result in a devastating array of condition, varying from asthma and arthritis to MS and cancer.

Some of these self-inflicted damages do develop during years before they produce perceivable symptoms of diagnosable ailments.  For instance, repeated sunburns and persistent exposure to sunlight – especially in cases of fair skinned, freckled and red-haired individuals – can cause a slow degeneration of the skin metabolism, that can eventually develop melanomas, a particularly dangerous form of skin cancer.

Persistent drug abuse will necessarily cause malformations in the lymphatic system and/or in the liver.  The reason why not all chronically heavy drug addicts die of cancer, is due to the fact that their organism deteriorate at such a fast rate that most of them die from other conditions that endanger lethally some of their vital organs – such as their hearts, kidneys, lungs, or brains – way before any form of cancer could have victimized them.

We trust that the solutions I recommend based on the natural formula which I describe here will indeed serve as enlightenment and assist you in making the right decisions, at the proper times.  However, the practice of good preventive measures and the successful maintenance of your health require that you should also carefully consider two additional paramount personal vectors: your lifestyle and your attitude.

An effective
SBO Probiotics Consortia, such as the one tested, operate through three different yet harmoniously coordinated mechanisms: 1) by direct action; 2) by indirect action, and equally important 3) by inductive action.  Now let us examine these briefly.

#1 Direct Action

​I assume that all of you know, by and large, what our intestinal flora comprises and the usefulness of it, but just in case, let us take a brief glimpse at the overall picture.

The intestinal flora encompasses a whole array of so-called friendly bacteria.  We qualify them as friendly because they don’t do any harm to the human body.  Quite to the contrary, they feed on harmful germs, which we ingest with our food or through other contaminant agents, such as dirty plates, glasses or flat-wear and even through dirty hands.  The best known of these friendly agents is the bacillus acidophilus, but in fact a whole gallery of these should live in a healthy intestinal tract.   We will not list them here because their identity is not relevant to the purpose of this work.  What is important to know is that their modus operandi represents the direct action of the intestinal flora.

SBO Probiotics Corsortia enhances the action of these welcome germs by neutralizing the substances that are harmful for these, thus rendering the human intestinal environment particularly friendly for them.

#2 Indirect Action

In a healthy body, the lymphoblastoid cells in the thymus are producing IFNa – remember these are the staging area of the T-lymphocytes and also outfit the T-cells with the initial endowment of IFNa – and then by the mature T-cells themselves.  In most immune deficiencies, the body has a manifest IFNAa deficit.  Having conducted multiple clinical studies with SBO Probiotics Corsortia in Mexico, we were elated to discover that one of the paramount benefits yielded by the tested formula consists in its capability to invigorate the body’s endogenous (meaning its own) IFNa production.

Here I must briefly explain that just a few years after its discovery medical science was able to obtain industrial quantities of IFNa isolating them from vast quantities of donated human blood.  Shortly afterwards enthusiastic research produced a laboratory-made (called recombinant) version of IFNa.  Regrettably, in order to produce some effects both varieties must be administered in extremely high – million unit – doses.  At such dosages, IFNa is very toxic and extremely expensive.

The reason for IFNa’s toxicity is very easy to understand.  The quantities the body synthesizes for the immune response can be expressed in fractions of a microgram.  The problem of the pharmaceutical IFNa is being degraded by the body’s chemistry before it could get where it is needed.  Thus, in order to ensure that sufficient amounts reach the targeted sector, 99% of the administered doses have to be redundant, causing massive toxic side effects.

Heaping insult atop of injury, the public in general is becoming increasingly uneasy about using blood-derived medications, especially when these are injections.

The body turns out natural IFNa in twenty sub-species.  Depending on the purpose for which the immune system requires it at any given moment, the appropriate sub-species are being produced on demand.  The recombinant, laboratory-made version of IFNa comprises only one, occasionally two sub-species, thus has a very narrow range of applications.

As we shall see shortly, our research and studies carried out in Mexico have verified that the SBO Probiotics Corsortia contained in our tested formula did effectively stimulate the precise components of the immune system to continuously produce the accurate type and quantities of IFNa.

As I have already indicated, the body produces two types of lymphocytes: B and T cells.  We have just finished perusing the general features of the T-cells.  As you may recall, I have also mentioned that these have been designated as “B” because they originate in the Bone marrow and that they constitute as veritable perambulating micro-factories capable of churning out antibodies at a prodigious rate.  Earlier in this essay I have also given you a general idea about what antibodies are.  Now we shall briefly dedicate our attention to mechanisms through which B-lymphocytes operate.

The in-depth research, carried out by teams of the International Society of Gerontology in Mexico and the studies performed at the Apostolic School of Natural Medicine of the Peoples University of the Americans in Puerto Rico, revealed that the
SBO Probiotics Corsortia contained in the unique formula tested release exclusive biological factors that vigorously stimulate the body’s natural interferon production, with all the enormous benefits I have described above. 

#3 Inductive Action

In the first part of this essay, I have comprehensively explained the functions and paramount importance of the GALT – Gut-Associated-Lymphoid-Tissue.  I have also mentioned that the aging processes of our body begin with the slow erosion of the components of our immune system.  Malfunctions in the GALT represent a paramount factor in this route.

As I’ve already explained, in most circumstances – except in situations that are brought on by genetically encoded flaws, which are relatively rare – GALT becomes defective because, either due to improper food, toxic habits or toxic environmental factors, it gradually becomes encrusted by a sticky, insoluble waste layer that progressively obstructs its surface.  The stool that drifts through the small intestine will pass through ever more poorly checked because the thus coated GALT is then unable to identify friend from foe.  This implies that, as time goes by, a growing volume of toxic or undesirable at best, substances will be absorbed by the intestines, with far-reaching pathogenic (disease causing) and accelerated aging consequences.

An important portion of the unique pool of SBO Probiotics Corsortia, contained in tested formula, feed precisely on matter that composes this coating on the GALT, cleaning its surface and restoring its ability to identify friend or foe and to continuously alert the immune system against undesirable agents.  I think it is not necessary to spell out the awesome benefits to our health this feature is offering.

But this is not all.  These outstandingly processed SBO Probiotics Corsortia, naturally endow us with additional extraordinary benefits that can only be achieved by this remarkable food supplement.

In many aspects the clout of our immune system is dependent on the proper function of our endocrine (glandular) system.  Man of us know that our endocrine system is being controlled by a master-gland of sorts, called the pituitary, which generates specific pre-hormones for each glad, from the thyroid, to the adrenals to pineal gland need to be regulated and when.

Malfunctions of the immune system – many of which we have already discussed – can also cause defective regulation of the hypothalamus – located in the lowest central portion of the brain, which emits so-called “hormone-releasing-factors” (HRF) that tell the pituitary which glands need to be regulated and when.

Malfunctions of the immune system – many of which we have already discussed – can also cause defective regulation of the hypothalamus.  Also in this case, some of the specially engineered SBMOs liberate regulator substances that effectively invigorate the hypothalamic performance.

The most important implication of this feature consists in that – provided the consumer abstains from eating junk-food, from exaggerated toxic habits and exercised regularly – the results achieved by this matchless combination of SBO Probiotics Corsortia will be lasting ones.


Wrapping up this jaunt through the land of SBO Probiotics Corsortia
, we conclude that, in addition to waging war against invasive germs that thrive in the absence of an appropriate, functional intestinal flora and cause a well-know array of illnesses, the SBO Probiotics Corsortiaformula tested is also extremely useful in regulating our entire immune system and, consequently, in rendering support for the treatment of several acquired degenerative diseases, such as, Crohn’s, Psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and in most cases any form of Dysbiosis of the intestinal tract. 

​And finally, taking a good
SBO Probiotics Corsortia, such as the one tested, as a preventative dietary food supplement coupled with a healthy lifestyle will not only efficiently enrich our quality of life, but will effectively expand our life expectancy.