The Immuno-Modulator Mechanics of an ideal

SBO Probiotics Consortia

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Numerous field tests have proven the efficacy of a certain
SBO Probiotics Consortia supplement in multiple provinces of health care. Some of these are self-explanatory, while others of its merits are satisfactorily accounted for by pertinent scientific investigation. Nonetheless, this SBO Probiotics Consortia’s perplexing IMMUNO-modulating influences on the human organism had to be examined by highly specialized research that revealed startling data about this complex composite.

It appears that this SBO Probiotics Consortia, when taken at recommended servings, stimulates the body’s endogenous alpha-interferon production. That is, this SBO Probiotics Consortia does not contain any alpha-interferon, but comprises a singularly efficient set of nutrients that seem to increase specifically and most effectively the body’s natural alpha-interferon output.

Alpha-interferon is a paramount polypeptide- a protein form molecule that was discovered in 1956 and embodies hope for many diseases in the future. Known since its find as a key regulator of our immune response, it has undergone a tedious technological development and eventually became available in the early 80’s. Since then it has been traditionally used in indictable forms at mullet million unit daily doses. However, at such dosages interferon has found only limited applications. First of all, at such extreme amounts alpha-interferon proved to be highly toxic and has largely failed to fulfill its expected efficacy. Secondly, these elevated doses implied such outrageous costs that only very few were able to afford it.

Since interferon is a protein that would be necessarily digested if swallowed, its oral application was not studied by its manufacturers. However, a few enterprising scientists refused to adhere to conventional wisdom. Recognizing that interferon is present both in tears and in nasal secretions during acute viral infections, they sought methods by which interferon could activate immune response before it reached the stomach. Russian and Chinese research reported in the 60’s, long before interferon became commercially available, surprising therapeutic effects using sublingually administered interferon.

ROTHSCHILD & al., working at the State Academy of Medicine in Mexico, demonstrated in the late 70’s that alpha-interferon administered through the mucous tissue of mice successfully protected these from lethal viral challenges. In the early 80’s ROTHSCHILD and his research team, working on human immune-pathic patients in Mexico, demonstrated that the human body requires extremely small daily quantities of alpha-interferon to maintain properly and buttress a lively and highly effective immune response. Their research revealed that in an average adult human, the amalwa cells- the lympho-blastoid cells that serve  as virtual cradles for the T-lymphocytes in the thymus, produce daily an average of 200 nanograms (about 600I.U.) of fresh alpha-interferon. Consequently, the Mexican team used homeopathic dosages for therapeutic purposes with startling effects.

SBO Probiotics Consortiaresearcher went even further. After considering the Mexican team’s surprising discoveries, they concluded that since the body’s effective demands for alpha-interferon in order to enable it to supply powerful and sufficient T-lymphocytes is so minute and it can be measured in nanograms, it would be probably much easier to provide the body’s natural interferon production rather than furnishing a mortally sick organism with an inordinately expensive substance that is well known for its elevated toxicity at dubiously high dosages. Moreover, the proposed method would not only ensure that the thus generated compound is a human alpha-interferon, but since it would be endogenous, body-own production- it would be also readily assimilated by the immune system.

The intricate biochemical processes, that ensue in response to this SBO Probiotics Consortia’s stimuli, trigger endogenous alpha-interferon production in humans and thus resolve the problems of purity and identification of the active agent. During this period of research it became apparent that two other paramount variables have high level influences on the oral therapeutic approach of interferon.

First: Higher dosages of alpha-interferon are not more effective, quite to the contrary. During an acute viral infection, for instance, the body does not produce millions of units of alpha-interferon. Research reveals that nasal secretions and tears of patients responding perfectly to acute viral challenges produce indeed extremely low interferon production during acute infections. Thus, normal signals mediating effective immune responses consist in hundred, not millions of units of alpha-interferon.

Second: Cell-derived, direct access, multiple-specie interferons are far more active. The healthy human leukocyte call can produce up to twenty (20) different sub-species of alpha-interferon. Research experience indicates that different cells immune response is triggered by different subspecies. Moreover, different subspecies are required to protect the same cell against different viruses or other antigens. The fact that regular lymphocytes provide such a wide array of interferon species constitutes compelling evidence that ours is a highly complex and often very subtly responding immune system.    

The recombinant derived interferons used in mullet-million union injections have a single species of alpha-interferon. Research has proven that these exert a very low effective immune stimulation and certainly none when administered orally.

This SBO Probiotics Consortia was found to be capable of addressing these critically multiple variables. It is manufactured from totally natural ingredients using a proprietary process, capable of not only enhancing, but also stabilizing the body’s endogenous alpha-interferon output. This SBO Probiotics Consortia is able to stimulate the production of not less than 16 of the possible 20 sub species of human alpha-interferon.

This SBO Probiotics Consortia is a dramatic improvement over the inherently unstable “do it yourself” liquid preparations currently peddled by various so called buyer’s clubs and health care practitioners. It is important to know that the alpha-interferon molecule is essentially hydrophobic, which renders it unstable in diluted aqueous preparations and also cause it to bind to any particular available matter, such as container walls- in keeping with its water repellent nature.

Although potentially effective against a variety of chronic diseases, such as CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), viral herpes, hepatitis B, and C, and influenza, recent research schedules its use also in HIV-1 positive patient and other potentially life threatening conditions hitherto unresolved by conventional medical therapies.

The success obtained with clinical studies performed in Mexico prompted researchers in Venezuela and Spain to undertake studies worldwide. Subsequent field studies performed with this SBO Probiotics Consortia in AIDS and hepatitis patients have been undertaken in several other countries.

HIV patients examined in several studies presented a number of clinical complaints including fatigue, loss of appetite, persistent diarrhea, lymphadenopathy, fever, respiratory infections, mouth ulcer, oral thrush, skin rash and/or copious nocturnal sweating, sublingual and oral application of this SBO Probiotics Consortia on CFS are both promising and intriguing, although the clinical evaluation of its efficacy is just beginning. Mechanisms through which sublingually administered SBO Probiotics Consortia exerts these beneficial effects have not been completely elucidated yet.      

The anti-viral activity of this SBO Probiotics Consortia is clearer, for the virus antagonistic effect of alpha-interferon has long been documented by worldwide scientific investigation. Our research has identified over 50 immune modulating effects to date. International research has also determined that lymphocytes infected with HIV or hepatitis B is divested from their own interferon- required for the anti-viral activity, and that these were provided by Amalwa cells during their gestation. International research also revealed that the amounts of alpha-interferon required to protect healthy leukocytes from being invaded are extremely small.

Mexican clinical research produced ample evidence that certainly indicates that this SBO Probiotics Consortia exerts a potent immune modulators influence with significant clinical benefits to patients who suffer from a variety of viral aggressions or other immune-pathic, degenerative conditions.

This SBO Probiotics Consortia is a virtual corollary to these considerations. It contains cleverly combined Micro Nutrients, a singular set of bio available enzymes and their co-factors, as well as concentrated cultures of sophisticated strains of phyto-planktons. 

Since this SBO Probiotics Consortia does not contain any toxic, addictive or otherwise dangerous substances, it is totally harmless and provides the particular nutrients required for stimulating both the body’s T-cell production and their quality. This SBO Probiotics Consortia also eliminates the need for poisonously high dose and inordinately expensive alpha-interferon injections.

SBO Probiotics Consortia protocol recommended by the Mexican research team is very simple: Put the contents of 1 capsule under the tongue daily, at least 1 full hour longer before breakfast and before any other supplement and medications. Do not swallow it for about 3 minutes to give the mucous tissue time to absorb some of the nutrients. During that hour don’t even brush the teeth. Then take 4 capsules together 3 times daily with a full glass of pure water, about ½ hour before meals. After 1 month, the amount can be reduced to 3 capsules, 3 times daily. Continue this program for not less than 6 months. A person on any life sustaining prescription medication, such as insulin, nitroglycerin other cardiac and diuretic medication, should continue with the prescribed practice. However, he should monitor his well being constantly, for it is possible that after a few weeks (or perhaps even less) his doctor may have to reduce the daily doses of the prescription medication.  

For greatest efficacy, it is essential to follow a simple but cardinal diet. NEVER eat sugar and its derivatives (that includes molasses and honey); no pork and none of its derivatives; no shellfish and no milk or cream.


It is an American discovery, manufactured in the USA.

If you have any questions in regards to the above disclosures, please write to the office of the research team in Mexico. We are certain they can answer your inquiries.

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SBO Probiotics Consortia 
Presentation: 500 mg capsules
Manufacturer: Life Science Products, Inc. 
(Manufacturer information updated in 2002)
Performed: at the Research Dept. of the State Academy of Medicine of Tamauulipas at Matamoros


Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) was used to determine the potential of the test material in influencing the human immune system, when a possible deficiency should be considered before the appearance of somatically objectionable symptoms. This test is particularly indicated in all chronic pathologies, such as diabetes, asthma and other resistant allergies, tumors, rheumatism, CFS, MS and chronic propensity to infections in general.    

The test is carried out with venous blood a specimen who, upon pertinent preparation and incubation with selected monoclonal antibodies, is performed through laser-spectroscopic determination of the identifiable immune competent lymphocytic sub-population. (Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting with a laser reader.) To this date, the aforementioned test constitutes the only scientifically reliable technique that offers exact and reproducible results.    

After the prevailing immune response has been ascertained through specific immune monitoring, the modulation of the determined immune values and their modification through the proposed agent is measured. Once the marked immune deficit of the affected cells is identifiably compensated, the test material is certifiable as an effective Biological Immune Response Modifier.

The above described FACS test, performed on twenty randomized venous blood specimens obtained from human donors of both sexes with immune pathologies, using this manufacturers SBO Probiotics Consortia product as the designated modulator agent, confirms the herein tagged test material as an efficacious biological immune response modulator substance.

Neither contaminants, nor components of known toxicity for humans, have been detected in the test material. These findings have been confirmed by pertinent assays performed on this
SBO Probiotics Consortia product by the Quality Control Division of the American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine, on file at this Institution.

In order to quantify the effectiveness of the herein identified test material and to determine any possible side effect, pertinent statistical evaluations have to be performed, based on specifically designed protocols, to be carried out on human subjects selected according to explicit target pathologies.

Matamoros, Tamp. May 23, 1993

​Research Department