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Numerous field tests have proven the efficacy of a certain SBO Probiotics Consortia supplement in multiple provinces of health care.  Some of these are self-explanatory, while others of its merits are satisfactorily accounted for by pertinent scientific investigation.  Nonetheless, this SBO Probiotics Consortia's perplexing IMMUNO-modulating influences of the human organism had to be examined by highly specialized research that revealed startling data about this complex composite.

It appears that this SBO Probiotic Consortia, when taken at recommended servings, stimulates the body's endogenous alpha-interferon,


Bio-active minerals consist of mineral atoms that have been incorporated by the delicate organelles of the budding phyto-plankton cell during its sprouting period.  The minerals thus assimilated by the cell are not only easily absorbable by the human organism, but can be readily assimilated by the target organs.  Therefore, Bio-Active Minerals act as highly efficient Biological Response Modifiers for individuals suffering from metabolic deficiencies caused by chronic mineral deficits.  Both, specific and general mineral deficiencies are rarely caused by a persistent lack of such 

There are a number of prerequisites for the maintenance of good health, with adequate amounts of bacteria being one of the most important.  The body needs healthy food to provide adequate amounts of nutrients vital to the myriad of functions of the body; the food's inherent enzyme structures must be intact; adequate amounts of essentials nutrients must be absorbed and utilized by the body; the body must effectively eliminate the metabolic waste associated with the utilization of these nutrients; and toxins and harmful bacteria must be minimized or eliminated by the body as they develop in the digestive tract.

Medical science knows that the health and efficiency of the digestive system depends extensively on the complex interaction and balance of the intestinal ecological system comprised of approximately 400 different types of "friendly" and "unfriendly" bacteria.

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Life Extension

​Health Repair and Life Extension with Soil-Based-Organisms (SBO's)

A simple, yet amazingly effective way to improve your quality of life and to even slow down some of the most relentless aging mechanisms.    

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Human society is inordinately complacent about its scientific and technological progress.  We proudly speak of our advanced civilization.  I can't say that I would always agree.  For example, I am somewhat reluctant to qualify the design of an electric can opener or an automatic soft drink dispenser as a sign of the great cultural achievement.  Then, to explain why these things don't work properly, we have invented the specialists.  The way I see it, a specialist is a guy who doesn't know anything else.

SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIA GENERIC IDENTIFICATION: SOIL BORN ORGANISMS: (SBOs)SBO Probiotics Consortia Definition- Colony arrays consisting of friendly bacterial organisms which are extracted from the soil. As a Probiotic Consortia, these organisms have co-existed in a symbiotic relationship over a span of time in their natural food source, learning to survive and thrive in the same environment.Five Main Functions of SBO Probiotics Consortia When Taken Orally
Regardless of recent spectacular progress and advanced research, we yet have to find the means to improve on the way Nature performs. At best, sometimes we are able to learn how to assist Nature in its fabulous deployment of life-giving forces. SBO Probiotics Consortia is the result of precisely one of these efforts.    

​Researchers have already evolved an extensive collection of literature dedicated to the composition and dynamics of Probiotics. Yet, some aspects still remain to be discussed in detail, lest the ultimate benefits of an effective SBO Probiotics Consortia not be assessed in their proper perspective.
Peter R. Rothschild, M.D., Ph. D.SYMBIOTIC THERAPEUTICSReg.SSA: GTO-1499 CP: MOR-0200 RFC: ROAP291211NG1/Revised 2002    

SYMBIOSIS is a well known concept in biology (from the Greek syn- together - and bios – life) that refers to a close and prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that usually may, but not necessarily, benefit each participating member. Thus, this relationship is based on mutual dependence for reciprocal benefits.    

The unforgettable Albert Einstein proved that everything is relative. The problem is that only a few of us really understand the ultimate meaning of relativity.  (A bank manager, for instance, will take an extremely dim view of anyone’s attempt to interpret a loan payment as a relative obligation…)  

Nonetheless, whether we understand it or not, an overwhelming portion of our environment and also our everyday lives are governed by relative facts. (If in doubt, take a peek at political ideologies.)    

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Much has been written about the antibacterial mechanisms of polymorph nuclear leukocytes and several excellent reviews on this topic are available (Root & Choan 1981; Ryter & Chastellier; Spitznagel 1983). However, only a very few researchers paid attention to the quantitative relationships between photolytic cells and bacteria, which is ultimately decisive for the outcome of any infection. For instance, if the number of the polymorphs is fixed and the bacteria continue multiplying in the extra cellular fluids, then the mission of the polymorphs of opposing the infection becomes increasingly difficult. The exact opposite is true when the availability of polymorphs is unhindered which renders the body plasma bactericidal.